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AXIS ORIGIN GROUP - Personal Growth, Life Coaching, Executive Coach, Personal Transformation, Retreats, Feng Shui, Aromatherapy, Spirituality, Coaches, Tantra, Healing, Sessions, Baltimore, San Francisco, San Diego, New York, Los Angeles, Boston, Seattle, Portland
Axis Magna Group - Wellness & Well-Being, Personal & Professional Development, Sustainable Feng Shui Design, Music, Spiritual Cinema, Spa Feng Shui
Transformation & Wellness in the 21st Century
Holistic Counseling - Life Coach - Spirituality - Reiki - Retreats - Pain Relief & Management - EFT - Health Education - Wellness Center - Healing Meditation - Chakra Balancing - Natural Remedies - Shamanic Therapy - Feng Shui - Aromatherapy - Astrology - Yoga - Alternative Medicine - Art Therapy - Emotional Intelligence - Hypnotherapy - Kundalini - Bhakti - Tantra - Energy Healing - Law of Attraction - Wellness Program - Inspirational & Motivational Speaker - Angel Readings - Aromatherapy - Young Living Essential Oils - Eco Personal Care Products

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For Your Well-Being!

AXIS ORIGIN GROUP offers many therapeutic & coaching products & services in the areas of holistic lifestyles, body wellness, emotional & spiritual well-being, spiritual development, & sustainable living & working spaces:

Here they are:


CLUB SHANGRILA REJUVENATING RETREATS - Personal Transformation Spa Retreats, Travel Tours & Workshops; topics include: Couples – Yoga – Spa – Meditation Corporate – Silent – Health – Women

YOGA AT WORK- Let us help you design & implement a yoga program for your team! Our Iyengar instructor has seven years experience. Our Hatha yoga instructor has over 20 years experience.

THE EMERGING GODDESS JOURNEY - Feminine Empowerment Programs for Women who want to deepen their experience of love, self-realization, & Life!

EVOLVING THE MASCULINE - Empowerment & Personal Development Programs for Men. Coaching for excellence, performance, as well as dating tips, advice, and transformation techniques. Career counseling & honoring the feminine are emphasized.

ECO PERFUME & CHAKRA OILS - Using botanical oils for diverse remedies: body, mind, heart, & soul! Custom blends for each chakra to use as meditation tool and recipe for raising one’s vibrational frequency.

AROMATHERAPY - Using plant oils for diverse remedies: body, mind, heart, & soul! Flowers, Trees, Herbs, Resins, Leaves, et al.


DELUXE PERSONAL CARE PRODUCTS - Young Living Essential Oils, Supplements, & Household products for Holistic Well-Being

THERAPEUTIC GRADE MASSAGE SUPPLIES - Discover the superior quality of these essential oils, lotions, diffusers, kits, & other body products for professional massage therapists

BECOME A YOUNG LIVING ESSENTIAL OILS DISTRIBUTOR - Life Management Skills & Personal Development Program using Feng Shui principles


RIDE THE TIGER COACHING - Personal Success Coaching for Stress, Goal, & Time Management using Personal Transformation techniques. This program offers you an empowerment coach to dissolve fears & obstacles as you navigate to & manage your goals.


FENG SHUI YOUR HEART - Emotional Healing & Spiritual Development Programs

SINGLES DATING COACH & MARRIAGE COUNSELING - Love & Relationship Advice for Men & Women, including coaching, books, workshops, retreats, etc., such as Dating Advice for Men & Women, Healing from Divorce, Online Dating, Dating Your Mate, Co-Creation for Couples

BHAKTI TANTRA WORLD - Focus on heart healing for romantic relationships that approach love as a spiritual practice. Honoring the Sacred Feminine in love relationships lifts both men & women to their highest good.


WAKING UP as a SPIRITUAL BEING - Therapeutic sessions for spiritual coaching, using visualization, Reiki, breathing, chakra balancing, Law of Attraction, Law of Allowing, and other coaching practices to assist you on your journey of awakening. Spiritual growth, spiritual gifts, and other spirituality products and services are offered to assist your spiritual healing & development.

HOLISTIC SPIRITUAL HEALING - Personal Transformation program using EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique), Law of Attraction / Abraham-Hicks Teachings, & Chakra Balancing techniques

SHAMANIC THERAPY - Therapeutic sessions using visualization, reiki, breathing, chakra balancing, soul retrieval, subconscious mind re-programming, extractions, shamanic journeys, and energy healing for holistic well-being.

ASTROLOGY FOR TODAY - Horoscope Readings & Astrological Consultations for Personal Growth & Spiritual Development


CREATING SANCTUARY - Mindful space design using feng shui practicess for home or business to create aura of sacred energy

FRAGRANT GARDEN FENG SHUI- At home & at work, our experience of Nature imbues our daily lives with more sparkle & oxygen-giving opportunities. Fragrant Garden Feng Shui gives garden ideas for any environment.

AXIS GLOBAL GROUP- Wellness Centers, Residential Living & Mixed-Use Real Estate Developments

" Choose the direction of your Heart's blossoming! "

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