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AXIS MAGNA GROUP - Personal Growth, Music, Film, Corporate Wellness, Executive Coach, Personal Transformation, Retreats, Life Coach, Feng Shui, Spa Consulting, Non-Profit, Real Estate Development
Axis Magna Group - Wellness & Well-Being, Personal & Professional Development, Sustainable Feng Shui Design, Music, Spiritual Cinema, Spa Feng Shui
Evolution in the 21st Century
Personal & Professional Development Programs Enlightened Leadership & Executive Coaching Social Media & Management Consulting - Innovative Software Development Wellness & Well-Being Spa Feng Shui Spirituality & Personal Transformation Love & Relationships Fundraisers & Community Building Arts & Entertainment Sustainable Real Estate Development

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What We Do!

AXIS MAGNA GROUP offers more than 200 Personal & Professional Transformation programs for individuals & groups. Founder and Director, Teresa Ann Foxworthy is available as Executive Life Coach, Consultant, Sustainable Feng Shui & Wellness Designer, Performing Artist & Writer. Our conglomerate of products and services all support you and your team's success, well-being, and wide-world participation.

There are seven subsidiaries at AXIS MAGNA GROUP, and all are related to the principles of holistic living and personal transformation found in Ms. Foxworthy's many Rejuvenation Programs. We invite you to imagine your world just the way you want it and let us help you and your team make that vision a new reality!


AXIS COMMAND GROUP: Enlightened Leadership in the 21st Century
Executive Coaching, Trainings; Business Management, Software Development, Organizational Development; Marketing, & Social Media Consulting; & Corporate Wellness & Employee Health Education Programs

AXIS AVANTE GROUP: Design Consulting
Spa Feng Shui Consulting, Innovative Treatment Licensing, Residential & Commercial Feng Shui, Interior Decorating, & Creating Sacred Spaces

AXIS ORIGIN GROUP: Essential Well-Being Solutions
Personal Transformation & Spirituality, Wellness Products, Life Management Coaching, Retreats, Travel Tours, Educational Events

LOVE in the 21st CENTURY
Since the early 1990's, Teresa has been a Dating Coach & Marriage Counselor, offering Love & Relationship Programs, Singles Industry Consulting Services, Relationship as Spiritual Practice, Goddess Meets Warrior Paradigm, Retreats, Educational Events

AXIS MAXIMUS GROUP: A&E for the 21st Century
Arts & Entertainment projects, including film, music, tv, radio, performance art, conceptual art, poetics, & interactive media

AXIS CARE GROUP: Community Service in the 21st Century
Non-profit endeavors for Community Resources, Family Work, Wellness Education, & Urban Renewal & Redevelopment include: The Angel Love Foundation, Pink Lotus Society, Artist Support Services, & Environmental Renewal Programs

AXIS GLOBAL GROUP: Sustainable Real Estate Development
Innovative Real Estate Development: Mixed-Use Multi-Plexes, Mini-Malls, Feng Shui Residential Developments, etc.


Contact us to find out how we at AXIS MAGNA GROUP may serve you or your organization gracefully move forward in the 21st Century, personally & professionally.

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" Choose the direction of your Heart's blossoming! "

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